Share your display with everyone in the room

One-to-many screen sharing for meeting rooms and lecture halls

Share your content with audiences of any size

With DisplayNote Broadcast you can send what’s on your display to other devices in real-time. Simply walk up to the display, start the broadcast and your audience can follow along.

Following a Broadcast is easy

Audiences can join your broadcast with minimal fuss. All they need to do is go to the Broadcast webpage, enter a 6 digit ID and they’re live with you.

Hassle-free set up

Because Broadcast sits discreetly on your display’s home screen, you only need to tap the icon to start sharing your screen. That means you don’t have to spend any time setting up,sending invites or scheduling sessions.

Available for all types of display

It doesn’t matter if your displays are powered by Windows or Android. Broadcast has been designed to allow you to instantly get your content onto a large number of devices without having to worry about what type of screen you have.

Everything you need for one-to-many screen sharing

For large audiences

Send your screen to multiple devices with no impact on quality.

No advance set up

Simply tap the icon and your Broadcast has started.

Easy for people to join

All you need to do is enter a 6 digit ID and press join.