The CW200 system systems operating frequency will be tailored / reduced to coincide with your local / countries enforcement laws for licensed free transmitters. Please stipulate frequency when placing an order with Clockaudio. It is both dangerous and illegal to operate licensed free radio transmitters outside of the specified frequency allocation quoted for each country.

  • 1 x CW 200R Receiver.
  • 2 x CW 200T Transmitters.
  • 60 Metre line of sight range.
  • 2 x RF antennas.
  • RF Output 10mW.
  • 4 x AA batteries.
  • 1 x Switched mode AC adaptor.
  • Rack mount fixing kit.
  • Receiver dimensions W421 H34 D206mm.
  • Transmitter dimensions W108 H40 D120mm.
  • Finish: Cobalt Blue/Black trim.