e.GT 520T

GT 520T

GT 520T is a rack mountable transmitter.

  • The circuitry uses a high stability PLL synthesised UHF transmitter designed for use on licensed free UHF FM 863-870 MHz frequencies (subject to local licensing laws).
  • It has 16 programmed preset switchable channels..
  • The antenna is a BNC swivel Helical wound type developing 10mW ERP.
  • Audio metering is via 5 LEDs mounted on the front panel, audio Inputs 3 Pin XLR – 6.35mm Jack Plug (balanced input) – RCA audio output sockets 1 x 6.35mm and 1 x 3.5mm headphone Jack plug sockets – DC input 3.5mm Jack socket.
  • Power Supply is provided by an external 12V DC 500mA supply. Operating range in free air (open field) 100 Metres.
  • Rotary controls: Aux / mic / headphone volume.
  • AC Adaptor: 12 VDC 500mA (115-230VAC).
  • Finish: Black.